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Waypoint is an Atlanta based team of advisors providing fee-only investment management and financial advisory services. We develop lasting partnerships around a nucleus of client needs and through a relentless focus on our core values of transparency, objectivity and integrity.

As an independent firm we are not beholden to any outside financial institution. We offer objective advice and strategically define goals that map out a clear course for you to navigate the complex financial system around us.

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In an increasingly complex financial system, we formulate a clear, understandable course of action and communicate every important detail with our clients. We are an independent firm and are not associated with any outside financial institution. It is this independence that allows us to offer objective advice. Our clients are our partners. As our client, your success is inseparable from our success. We strictly adhere to and practice high standards in every facet of the wealth management process. We believe in our investments and invest our own personal capital alongside yours.

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Waypoint Wealth Counsel’s foundation is built upon a client-focused culture, an open architecture approach to investing, and a holistic approach to financial counseling. Each team member brings a wealth of experience to each client interaction, informing each decision with seasoned expertise, the keen ability to listen and learn, and a proven understanding of how to approach each relationship.

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